Move. Build. Optimize. Perform.

The OPTIMIZE STRENGTH FRAMEWORK™ is a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition coaching that helps athletes align their goals in the gym with their current season of life to increase self-efficacy and build confidence. It’s more than just training. You deserve to feel strong, move well, lift heavy, and live life to the fullest.

Optimize Strength

Move well, build better, and optimize strength with a program backed by science and designed with you in mind. No fluff, no frills, no BS! Stop starting over and start building strength in the gym and beyond.

Performance Nutrition

Fuel your training through evidence-based nutrition principles and macro guidance in a 12-week individualized coaching program. Nutrition coaching is not synonymous with dieting or weight loss. Personal nutrition coaching is about eating to support your overall health, lifestyle, and training goals.

You’ve got needs and a budget, so we have options to meet you where you are. Complete the coaching application so that we can set up a discovery call to learn more about your coaching needs.

This consultation will provide you with basic nutrition education, review your current behaviors, and establish a game plan for aligning your nutrition to support your training and lifestyle. 

  • Macronutrient profile template with ratio recommendations
  • Macronutrients education based on your individual needs
  • In-depth nutrition goal setting session with KPIs

By the end of the session, you will feel empowered to start moving towards a stronger version of you.

This is not a recurring coaching service. If you are looking for ongoing nutrition coaching, review and apply for the essentials or elite coaching option.

Focus on learning how to eat to fuel your goals and building a positive relationship with food. Perfect for recreational athletes and individuals looking to improve general health and wellness. 

  • Individualized nutrition coaching
  • Macronutrient profile with adjustments
  • Nutrition education based on flexible dieting and lifestyle preferences
  • Mobile app access for tracking nutrients
  • Bimonthly virtual check-ins

Thrive in the gym and in life by taking charge of your nutrition. Learn to eat, improve your relationship with food, and build confidence in meal selection. Nutrition coaching and customized macronutrient profile to meet your goals for flexible dieting lifestyles or competition preparation. 

  • Individualized nutrition coaching
  • Customized macronutrient profile to align with training and competition schedule
  • Nutrition education based on optimizing sport performance
  • Mobile app access for tracking nutrients
  • Weekly monitoring, support, and virtual check-ins

Strong 60

Experience the strongest 60 days of your life with the detail of individualized coaching and the benefits of a supportive community. This health coaching program is hands-on, engaging, and practical. Learn to train, eat, and make healthy lifestyle choices that will last.

This group coaching program is cohort style designed to educate and empower you in your pursuit to discover, build, and optimize your strength. This 8-week group coaching course includes a training program, nutrition info, weekly community calls with Coach Doc, and access to online resources.

Dive into Strong 60. The program that gives you the keys to maximize your success and optimize your strength.

  • are interested in understanding the principles of exercise training and nutrition for better health
  • want a clear cut, evidence-based framework to set goals and crush them in the gym and beyond
  • want to create your own journey toward the strongest, most confident version of yourself at your own pace
  • are ready to dive into action-oriented strategies to make meaningful changes toward a sustainable fitness and nutrition practice
  • are prepared to invest 10-12 weeks aligning what matters most to build the strength you deserve
  • Access to the STRONG 60 online course featuring the OPTIMIZE STRENGTH FRAMEWORK™ 
  • Exclusive content and online resources for the STRONG 60 community
  • Access to OPTIMIZE STRENGTH Move Well program
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