Competing with Grit and Grace with Alexia Gonzalez

Alexia Gonzalez has competed in sports from the time she was 4 years old. Alexia is the epitome of a lifelong athlete and knows what it means to compete with a team and as an individual. She has taken the Olympic Weightlifting world by storm with recent performances at the state and national levels. But Alexia attributes her success on the platform to the habits and mindset she is developing outside of the gym. In this episode, Alexia talks about her faith and her family support that has helped boost her confidence and determination to overcome injuries and mental barriers in her carrier. Alexia’s story is inspiring and a true testament to her character and drive. Alexia is a competitor and a performer who strives to be a role model for young women and girls to have strength and grit coupled with feminine energy and grace. 


  • Overcoming injuries and setbacks is an opportunity to step back from intense training. Athletes should use this time to improve nutrition, mobility, and mental skills to enhance their performance post-rehab. Spending time doing nothing can be more detrimental than the injury itself.
  • Acute and chronic stress that you are carrying from daily life can manifest itself physically. Be mindful of your stress management techniques and strategies because they can limit your performance.
  • The relationship between a coach and an athlete is vital to the success of an athlete’s performance. Trust and communication are more important than the strategy in a competition.


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