Fueling for Sport Performance

Sports Nutritionist, Coach, and Author – Steph Gaudreau joins the podcast to talk about the importance of proper nutrition and the consequences of low energy availability for strength athletes. Her personal experiences with poor nutrition habits led her to dig into the science behind nutrition. She primarily focuses on women strength athletes but is a wealth of knowledge for all individuals. In this conversation, Steph shares the importance of social media literacy and how to discern credible resources of the science that is communicated freely and unfiltered on the internet. We get into the details of training nutrition, quality of food choices, and the impact of nutrition on your mental health and performance. Steph also provides some practical tips for athletes who desire to take on a fat-loss phase or those competing in a weight-class restricted strength sport.


  • An athlete does not have a specific look. If you are training with intention and intensity your athletic endeavors will require good nutrition practices, sleep habits, and a focus on long-term goals for sustained performance.
  • Low energy availability (LEA) occurs when the amount of energy that you are expending through daily functions and training exceeds the amount of energy that you consume through nutrition. LEA leads to a decrease in muscle strength, lack of motivation, increased risk for injury, and poor sexual health. It also leads to negative psychological outcomes.
  • Carbohydrates are not making us fat. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for most exercise and are your body’s preferred energy source. The important factor to consider is food quality when it comes to carbohydrate intake.
  • Athletes should focus on strategic fat loss phases that are guided by a credentialed person that truly knows what they are doing to minimize muscle loss and strength adaptations.





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