Managing Stress and Building Resilience for Strength Athletes

Dr. Susie Reiner discusses stress, resilience, and recovery in the context of athletic performance and training. She defines stress as a stimulus that can be positive or negative and activates the sympathetic nervous system. We cannot avoid stress, so we must learn to cope and recognize how it influences our daily lives and our training plans. Resilience is the psychological layer of how individuals perceive and respond to stress. Building resilience involves cultivating a growth mindset and reframing challenges as opportunities for growth. Wearable technology provides valuable data for monitoring and tailoring training programs, but knowing how to interpret and use the data effectively is important for managing stress responses. Striking a balance between stress and recovery is crucial for adaptation and progress.


  • We will all experience stressors in life, and exercise training is one of those stressors. Learning coping strategies and building resilience through monitoring and recovery is important for athletic development.
  • Nutrition and sleep are the most underrated and evidence-based recovery strategies that an athlete can employ to improve their stress management.
  • Wearable technology data is effective for understanding training stimuli and physiological responses to stressors. Coaches and athletes should use this data as a part of the bigger picture and considered it within the context of the entire athlete training program – not as a sole component. 


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