Preparing for International Competition with Mary Theisen-Lappen

Mary Theisen-Lappen is an athlete and coach and is pursuing a spot on the Team USA Olympic Weightlifting team competing in Paris 2024. Mary is a standout example of transferable skills from Track and Field contributing to her success in a new discipline as an elite Weightlifter. If you are newer to the sport, Mary breaks down the similarities of the two sports to help athletes think about how to approach transitioning sports disciplines. Mary also talks about the challenges of training for international competitions and the importance of emotional and mental preparation and discusses the psychological impact of overcoming an injury. She emphasizes the camaraderie among competitors and the support they provide each other. Mary shares advice for athletes aspiring to make an international team. Mary advocates for women of all sizes and backgrounds to feel confident participating in strength sports and not worry about societal expectations. Lastly, Mary discusses the role of faith in her sports journey and how it helps her stay grounded and focused. 


  • Transitioning from one sport to another can bring unique skills and experiences that contribute to success.
  • Faith can play a significant role in an athlete’s journey, providing peace and perspective during difficult times.
  • Overcoming setbacks and injuries requires patience, trust in the process, and a focus on areas for improvement. Having a strong support system is crucial in overcoming challenges and building confidence.


  • Follow Mary Theisen Lappen as she pursues her goal of being an Olympian for Team USA on Instagram




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