Strength Sports for Well-being and Longevity

Steph Gaudreau is a sports nutritionist and lifting coach who helps athletic women build strength and confidence in the gym and beyond. She is no stranger to the Strength in the Details podcast and shares some really powerful information on the benefits of an effective strength training program. In this episode, we discuss the need to shift the narrative around women and muscle and the promotion of strength training to women. Building lean muscle is so important for more than just aesthetics. We also discuss the benefits of barbell sports and the practice of rucking as a low-impact cross-training activity. Of course, we have to talk about the positive effects of strength training on mental health and overall well-being. The conversation emphasizes the need to expand the focus beyond weight loss and connect strength training to life experiences.


  • There are many entry points to barbell and strength sports – the most important step is to get started and find a coach who is knowledgeable.
  • Cross-training is an important consideration. Rucking is an example of low-impact aerobic activity that can help improve muscle strength and bone density to complement your strength training goals. 
  • For athletic women, the benefits of strength training are important during menopause for off-setting muscle loss and maintaining mobility.


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  • Listen to her podcast, Fuel Your Strength, available on Spotify. Steph seriously has a wealth of knowledge.




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