Client Wins

“Dr. Newsome has been an amazing coach and a wealth of knowledge in the sport. In my almost two years with her I’ve definitely felt like her coaching and leadership has made a difference in my ability and confidence as a lifter.”

Roz C.

I am a fitness coach myself, but I’ve always thrived with the accountability and support of a coach. Despite some joint issues, she has been able to program effective workouts that fit my needs and lifestyle. She has helped me clearly define my goals and set clear expectations. I have seen positive changes in my mind, body, and spirit since working with her. She really gets it.

Iman K.

If you’re looking for a coach who has your back, is inspirational, well educated, tells it as it is and is personable, then look no further! I’ve learned so much that I’ve applied to my personal and training life. She truly has her athletes best interest in mind while filling the role of so many hats. She never disappoints and you can best believe that you’ll be set up for major success in your overall performance.

Eno N.

Strong 60

Experience the strongest 60 days of your life with the detail of individualized coaching and the benefits of a supportive community. This health coaching program is hands-on, engaging, and practical. Learn to train, eat, and make healthy lifestyle choices that will last.

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