Treating the Whole Athlete in Physical Therapy with Dr. Greg Frye

Dr. Greg is the owner of Premier Performance and Physical Therapy. He relies on his education and experience in sports performance and exercise science to help athletes navigate injuries and return to their sport better. His model of physical therapy values individual care plans to create long-term relief. Most of his athletes have a goal of being better on the field, and you will notice that strength programming is at the core of many treatment plans. In this episode, we talk about the many different reasons an athlete might become injured or experience pain. Life stress and muscular imbalances to name a few. Dr. Greg believes that the best type of therapy to speed up the healing process is to get people moving. Having a working relationship with a sports physical therapist is a great way to help prevent some injuries and help the recovery process when injuries do occur. Through health education, Dr. Greg hopes to improve long-term results in sports performance.


  • Building a relationship is important when providing patient-centered care.
  • Athletes tend to self-diagnose injuries and find quick-fix solutions without adequately addressing underlying issues. These nagging injuries can lead to strength and performance plateaus.
  • The true goal of any therapy or strength program should be to build working capacity, not just seek instant relief. 





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