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A’Naja Newsome, Ph.D., CEP, RCRSP is a researcher and lecturer in exercise and sport science in Orlando, Florida.

Her research focuses on the psychosocial determinants of sport and exercise, exercise in clinical and mental healthcare, and the methodological and measurement aspects of exercise research and program evaluation. She has more than a decade of leadership experience in collegiate recreation, clinical exercise, and commercial fitness.

Dr. Newsome has served in professional roles in higher education settings where she managed fitness facilities and programs to improve exercise adherence and health outcomes in college students. She has also led department assessment and strategic planning committees emphasizing evidence informed solutions such as the Gold-level Exercise is Medicine® on Campus initiative. She advocates for research and practice that lends itself to the increased use of exercise as an adjunctive therapy in clinical healthcare and rehabilitation services.

A respected educator with a doctorate in interdisciplinary education with an emphasis in exercise science, public health, measurement and research from the University of South Florida, Dr. Newsome is a nationally recognized presenter and has represented a number of leading organizations as a master trainer, including American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and Technogym USA. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and master’s degree in Sport Administration. She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM and Certified Health Coach through American Council on Exercise.

As an educational consultant with rigorous training in research and program evaluation, Dr. Newsome works to engage higher education professionals in organizational assessment with a broad focus on student wellbeing and a specific emphasis on the impact of physical activity and exercise on student success outcomes. She offers theoretical and practical solutions to communicate program utilization and effectiveness to a variety of stakeholders.

Dr. Newsome is a highly regarded content expert and guest speaker for topics related to exercise psychology, behavior change, and DEI in exercise and physical activity research and assessment. She develops original content, facilitates workshops, and delivers keynote lectures for conferences and events.

With an innate ability and proven track record of coaching students and clients to be their very best, Dr. Newsome is a passionate ambassador for holistic approaches to physical activity and exercise. Through the OPTIMIZE STRENGTH FRAMEWORK™, her mission is to help athletes align what matters for better training and performance.

When she is not researching, lifting, or coaching, A’Naja enjoys being a beach bum, listening to country music, podcasting, watching football with her husband, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.

Consulting Services

A.M. Health & Fitness Consulting partners with higher education organizations, wellness departments and community health nonprofits to customize formal and systematic evaluation to transform programs and services. Engage and empower stakeholders from the initial stages of project planning through instrument development, data collection, and implementation.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Program Assessment
    • Instrument Development
    • Data Analysis
    • Reporting
  • Strategic Planning
  • External Program Review
    • CAS standard evaluation
  • Organizational strategic planning
  • Principles of effective assessment
  • Continuing education courses

Keynote Speaker

Dr. A’Naja Newsome delivers keynote lectures, workshops, and customized presentations that will inspire audiences through storytelling. Presentations are tailored for conferences, business meetings, and professional development workshops. The OPTIMIZE STRENGTH FRAMEWORK™ elevates the conversation of aligning lifestyle, mindset, and physical health goals with actionable steps for reaching holistic wellbeing. Dr. Newsome equips wellness leaders across a spectrum of spaces to optimize their own performance through a pursuit of wellbeing.

  • Health and wellness conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Research symposiums
  • Higher education professional development events
  • Exercise in mental healthcare
  • Psychological and social aspects of sport and exercise
  • Coaching and leadership in sport and fitness
  • Equity, inclusion, and access in health and fitness
  • College student health and wellbeing

General Information

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